We have loved Ace of Spades from the first time we saw him, which was a picture of him on the christmas calendar that Van Bert Farms sends out. Of all the horses that were on that calendar Eddie said if he had his pick of all the stallions it would be Ace of Spades. The next time we were able to see him in person when Larry Patterson showed him to the confirmation championship at the Rocky Mountain International in 2004. When they came in the show ring Eddie said I don’t know what horse Larry is leading but he is the best horse in the class. We were not surprised when they called his name as the winner. Shortly after that in the spring of 2005 Ace of Spades became available for purchase. We did not hesitate when Van Bert Farms offered him to us. We talked with Derrick, he agreed to show Ace of Spades for us and so began a successful show career. Derrick and Ace make a wonderful pair in the show ring. But Ace will show for anyone, Brooke, Derricks wife has shown Ace to many Amateur championships. Ace of Spades has been a truly amazing horse, winning nearly every award there was to win in the UMH Show circuit. He is retired  and we thank Dericks so much all his hard work in showing and training Ace of Spades – Rebecca Monhollon